Patient Testimonial

Ben O’Neal

“Colleges and hospitals alike excel by providing thoughtful attention to those they serve. By choosing Johnson Memorial, we got the personal experience we wanted when our girls were born and that was important to us.”

Ben O’Neal – Franklin College Biology Professor

The O’Neal Family’s Story Ainsley and Emerson O’Neal, beautiful twin girls are who brought the O’Neals to Johnson Memorial’s Maternity Care Center. The O’Neals shared their story with us. “The staff at JMH (ER, Women’s care, Labor and Delivery) are knowledgeable, professional, and personable.


Over the course of the last four years, we’ve had medical needs that ranged from mundane to very intense.  In all of these moments, the staff was attentive, timely, and skilled.  The staff of JMH understands and exercises one of the most critical aspects of quality medical care. They understand that effective diagnosis, treatment, and healing require a genuine connection with the patient.  They listen.  They treat their patients like they would want their own families treated if they were in need of care.”


“Throughout the process of preparing for and delivering our three little girls, we received top notch care.  JMH offered meaningful educational opportunities to prepare for our birth.  During our stay at the hospital, the nurses, doctors, technicians, and facilities staff were always patient-focused.  To this day, we love to visit the staff members that cared for us during our stay.  When you or a loved one is well cared for during a critical moment in your life, a bond is forged that you never forget.


Many of life’s most significant moments happen in hospitals.  We are so grateful to have a hospital in our community that recognizes the significance of its work and service and carries out its mission with diligence, integrity, and warmth.