Patient Testimonial

Surviving a Heart Attack

In the fall of 2013, Tom Glaser of Batesville was out for his usual run when he started experiencing numbness in his arms and suddenly collapsed on the ground. Fortunately, he was able to regain enough strength to make it to a nearby home and call his wife, Susan. Within minutes, Susan arrived and rushed Tom to Margaret Mary Health’s Emergency Services Department where he was told he was having a massive heart attack.


“As soon as I arrived, the team went to work,” said Tom. “Dr. (Charles) Webster assessed me quickly and had me stabilized and on my way to Christ within 20 minutes. The communication between hospitals was phenomenal. When I arrived at Christ, a surgical team was waiting for me and had me on the operating table within minutes.” While at Christ, Tom underwent angioplasty and two stents were inserted. Today, he is down more than 20 pounds and back to pounding the pavement.


“I feel great,” said Tom, “and I’m so grateful to everyone who took care of me that day. My experience was extraordinary. I honestly believe if the team at Margaret Mary hadn’t reacted so quickly, I wouldn’t have the same quality of life I’m living today.”