Patient Testimonial

Back to Work on the Farm

When you’re a farmer, not being able to use your arm poses some serious challenges. Just ask Howard ‘Bud’ Meyer, 77, of Greensburg. Last spring, the daily wear and tear of a lifetime of farming took its toll on Bud’s right shoulder, leaving him in need of rotator cuff repair. After undergoing surgery with Dr. Andrew Islam, Bud soon started therapy at Margaret Mary’s Outpatient Rehab Center.


“After surgery, my shoulder felt better but my arm was still weak,” said Bud. “My therapists, Lori (Yorn) and Karen (Enneking), were always friendly. They pushed me hard but I trusted that they knew what they were doing. Before surgery, I couldn’t raise my arm high enough to get seed in the planter. Now I use it without thinking twice – shoveling corn, running the tractor and lifting buckets of feed.”