Patient Testimonial

Surviving Cancer

When it comes to yearly mammograms, Karen Enzinger, 53, of Batesville doesn’t hesitate to speak of their importance. Last summer, her annual screening helped detect Stage I breast cancer. Following a lumpectomy, she spent the next six months receiving chemo and then radiation therapy at Margaret Mary’s Cancer Center. Now finished with treatment, Karen feels great and is enjoying life as a new grandma to grandson, Easton (pictured).


“As soon as you walk in the cancer center, you’re greeted with a smile,” said Karen. “It’s a fantastic experience. There isn’t just one person who made an impact on me while I was there. Everyone is wonderful. The staff is very nurturing and the doctors are knowledgeable. They were great about answering questions on a level I could understand. A cancer scare has taught me to enjoy every day as it comes and not worry about next week or next year.”