Patient Testimonial

A New Bundle of Joy

With dangerously low amniotic fluid, Amber Hofer of Batesville was scheduled to induce her baby boy on Oct. 28, two weeks early. During her delivery, her labor didn’t progress, and Amber was told she needed an emergency C-section. Located within the maternity unit, the C-section suite is equipped to handle an emergency without having to transfer to another part of the hospital.


“I panicked when I heard I was having a C-section,” said Amber. “I’m a planner and the C-section was not planned. My nurse was awesome and helped pull me through. She kept me calm and made sure I was comfortable. Drs. (Thomas) Brown and (Jeffrey) Hatcher were also great. They told me what to expect and kept me informed every step of the way. Hearing Graham cry was the best sound ever because that’s when I knew he was ok. My husband and I look forward to having all of our children at Margaret Mary.”