Why Hancock Health?

When it comes time to choose a hospital, the doctors we have here are the very same specialists you’ll see at larger, nationally recognized hospitals in Indianapolis.

  • We believe that every patient is unique, and that every day presents new opportunities to use the most important medical tools of all – empathy, compassion and dignity. So we listen to our patients – their goals, their concerns and their joys – because we’ve found that personalized care only enhances advanced medical treatments.
  • You’ll see the difference in everything we do. It’s in capabilities that are usually associated with larger, out-of-town hospitals. And it’s in doctors and nurses who always know when you just need someone to listen.
  • Whether our patients are with us for a matter of minutes or a matter of days, our goal is to ensure that they receive the highest levels of medical expertise and emotional care through our full range of services. Our physicians, nurses, therapists and support staff work as a team to make our patient’s needs are their priorities.
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