Why Hendricks Regional Health?

Our origins began when a group of residents wanted to build a hospital in their community, and worked together to bring their dream to life. More than 55 years later, it’s still how we do things. We create practice environments that are team-focused and fully integrated for a holistic approach to care. We believe in building a strong preventative health model that puts patients, not volumes, first. 

While many people come to Hendricks Regional Health for advanced, 24/7 emergency care, our regional health system is also committed to caring for the community before they need hospital care. Since opening in 1962, we have become a community service leader by our commitment to improving lives through health education and screenings; scholarships; and partnerships with other philanthropic and service agencies. 

Hendricks Regional Health is a place for you to grow as a physician and advanced practice provider at an independent health system. Here you are a part of a strong, rooted community that truly cares, and you’ll be surrounded by people who make you feel right at home. 

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